What Makes a Car Move?

Answer A car moves by converting the potential chemical energy of gasoline into kinetic energy at the wheels. This is done by a process of burning gasoline, which produces expansion of gas and exhaust of ... Read More »

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What makes currents move against each other?

Ocean currents are affected by a number of factors, including the energy of the sun and the gravity of the Earth. The constant motion of the air and the water that cover the majority of the surface... Read More »

What makes balloons move?

At first, it may be hard to see the similarities between that helium-filled latex balloon you let loose into the air at your best friend's birthday party and the giant hot air balloon you rode 2,00... Read More »

Who makes basilbrush move?

Is it the blu-ray movie or the TV that makes the characters move life like which at first can seem fake?

Contrary to the previous poster...if you do not have an WILL NOT get any advantage in Blu-ray. IT WILL LOOK IDENTICAL TO DVD!! IF you have a normal tv, the blu-ray player will actually d... Read More »