What Makes a Car Accelerate Faster?

Answer The acceleration of an object hinges on the amount of force applied to the object and its mass. In a car, these factors translate to the car's weight and the engine's power, respectively. The tire/... Read More »

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What makes a pc go faster: ram or the cpu?

To make a computer faster you need to upgrade both the CPU and the RAM. The CPU will increase the processing time of the computer and the RAM will help increase the memory so the CPU does not have ... Read More »

What Makes Cars Go Faster?

Since the early days of the automobile, designers and car manufacturers have continued to pioneer new techniques and technologies to improve efficiency, reliability and performance. For some driver... Read More »

What makes us seem to get drunk faster?

What Makes Your Hair Grow Faster?

If your hair is slow to grow, there may be health and lifestyle changes you can make that will encourage it to grow faster. Although the average rate of hair growth for a healthy person is roughly ... Read More »