What Makes Your Car Drive Rough?

Answer A car may drive rough for any number of mechanical reasons. Long-lasting damage might occur if the problem is not addressed quickly enough. It is important to diagnose the problem and have it repai... Read More »

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Can it be dangerous to drive on bumpy or rough roads during pregnancy?

What makes a hard drive crash?

A hard drive is a storage device in a computer. Because of the mechanical nature of a hard drive, it is prone to failing, which is often referred as a "hard drive crash." Identifying issues that ca... Read More »

What Might it Mean If My Car Makes Creaking Sounds As I Drive Around Corners or Over Bumps?

When your car makes creaking sounds, it can create a feeling of uneasiness. These creaks can come from a few different components; they usually result from the normal wear and tear put on the car o... Read More »

What does it mean when a PC's hard drive makes a louder noise than normal?

Your hard drive is headed for failure. I would do the backups now and hope the drive the best. My last job had a computer that did that really bad (sounded like a grinder) and it never did fail, bu... Read More »