What Makes Perfume Smell?

Answer The word perfume is taken from Latin "per," which means thorough and "fumar," which means smoke. While many people consider perfume to be only a scented preparation applied to the body, perfume ... Read More »

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What Gives Perfume a Musty Smell?

Perfume is created by mixing several essential oils in alcohol.Essential OilsOils derived from cultivated or wild-harvested plants. Different oils can be distilled from a plant's stem, leaves or fl... Read More »

How to Choose Perfume when You Have No Sense of Smell?

When you want to buy perfume but have an impaired sense of smell, you'll need a little help.

How to Make People Smell Your Perfume?

If you want to get someone to notice you, wearing a pleasing aroma is an effective way to do so. If you are in a crowded room, you might not be the only one wearing a perfume so you may be wonderin... Read More »

How to Remove Perfume Smell From the Skin?

Perfume can be used to give you a sweet smell while going out for a night on the town. There might come a time, however, when you place too much perfume on your skin. Chances are that soap and wate... Read More »