What Makes Glue Stick?

Answer Glue is a part of our everyday lives. In fact, we probably use items that are put together with glue several times each day. Glue is used in the manufacturing process for items ranging from picture... Read More »

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Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the glue bottle?

Another great and puzzling question. Why doesn't glue stick inside of the glue bottle.Glue on paper: As the glue connects with oxygen it becomes sticky and if left to dry in this oxygen it becomes ... Read More »

Is a glue stick better than liquid glue?

There are advantages to both, and it depends entirely upon what the glue is being used for.

What is a glue stick used for?

Glue sticks are round sticks of glue inserted into glue guns. The guns heat the glue. As you squeeze the trigger on the glue gun, the glue flows out. Glue sticks work well for all kinds of crafts t... Read More »

What is in a glue stick?

Because companies often keep product ingredients secret, the exact chemical make up of glue sticks is unknown. Common ingredients, however, do include acrylic polymer, polyoxyethylene mono-octylphe... Read More »