What Makes Crystal Different Than Glass?

Answer From holding beautiful flowers to champagne during a wedding toast, crystal is often a symbol of elegance. With its ornate patterns, crystal sets itself apart from its glass counterparts. To the av... Read More »

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What makes glass crystal?

Crystal is a common term for a type of glass that has a higher refractive index and is easier to cut than regular glass. It usually contains lead oxide.IngredientsMost crystal is produced by adding... Read More »

What Makes a Narwhal Different Than All Other Whales?

The narwhal, scientifically named Monodon monoceros, is a type of arctic whale known as an odontocete, or a toothed whale. What makes a narwhal different than all other whales is the tooth or tusk ... Read More »

What technology is used in Cinema 3D TVs to make it different than other present active shutter glass TVs?

IPS technology is foremost that makes the difference, others are secondary.

What is the definition of crystal glass?

Crystal glass is also called flint glass, lead crystal or lead glass. It is a brilliant, heavy glass known for its clarity. Crystal glass contains lead oxide and has a high refractive quality.Sourc... Read More »