What Made Samsung Card Stock Rise in 2009?

Answer The Samsung Group is one of the world's largest conglomerates, and is based in Korea. As of 2008, it had revenues of $173.4 billion. It is comprised of divisions including Samsung Electronics, Sams... Read More »

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Why do stock prices rise&fall?

A number of factors contribute to stock movements, from external factors that affect all stocks to company-specific reasons that tend to move only one stock. Investor emotions also play a role in m... Read More »

What causes stock prices to rise and fall?

To understand this, you need to think of stocks as commodities, as products that are being traded in a market. If it helps you comprehend, think of how stocks were traded a hundred years ago--peopl... Read More »

Why does the stock market rise and fall?

The stock market rises and falls because it is subject to a number of often conflicting factors. Both hard economic data and the intangible of investor emotions contribute to stocks moving up and d... Read More »

What makes a stock price rise&fall?

Investors trade stocks to build net worth. Meanwhile, analysts monitor economic conditions to uncover patterns and develop strategies. Before making financial commitments, you should recognize the ... Read More »