What Made Pocahontas Famous?

Answer Fictionalized and romanticized stories of Pocahontas, the "Indian Princess," are common throughout American literature and cinema. Historians often debate the true story and accounts of Pocahontas ... Read More »

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Why is Pocahontas famous?

Captain John Smith claims in his autobiography that Pocahontas saved his life, a story that historians still debate. Even if Captain Smith's story is a legend, Pocahontas is famous for saving the l... Read More »

Were any of Pocahontas family or siblings famous?

If someone is picking on one of your siblings (sister or brother) then have the courage to stand by their side and do the best you can to protect them. Although many siblings go through a period of... Read More »

What made Blackbeard famous?

Edward Teach, more widely known as Blackbeard the pirate, is famous for his ruthlessness as a pirate. He and his crew terrorized merchant vessels in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea from 1716 t... Read More »

What made Oprah famous?

She was the first African American Billionaire