What Living Things Must Ingest or Absorb Their Food and Cannot Make Food Internally?

Answer The ability to ingest or absorb food is relatively common in nature; only the Kingdom Plantae is completely devoid of organisms that do not ingest or absorb their food, as they make their food inte... Read More »

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Is food the source of energy for most living things?

Yes. All living things need food for energy. Humans and animals must consume food in the form of plants and other animals. Plants and some bacteria use sunlight to process their own food through ph... Read More »

What Three Things Does a Plant Need to Make Food?

Green plants contain a pigment in their leaves called chlorophyll. If they did not have this pigment, they would not be able to make food. Plants use chlorophyll as a basic building block, with oth... Read More »

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Ok now, food buffs, hungry men, and general lovers of food, what culture has the bestest food?

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