What Lipstick Color Is Best for Me?

Answer Selecting the right lipstick is not just about color selection. Color is important, but there are other factors to consider. Certain colors should be left behind when women reach a certain age. Fro... Read More »

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What color lipstick looks the best on you?

i think a rosey pinky colour looks best on mebut if your blonde and pale you could go for a rosy red if your blonde and quite tan you could get way with a cute barbie pink and if your brunnete and ... Read More »

Which color lipstick would look better on me?

wow you look like that?! Lipstick 2 would compliment your eyes and eyebrows more.I love Lily Collins' eyebrows.

LIPSTICK``What`COLOR` suits`you`BEST`?

Hey Malco!First of all, congratulations, you're top contributor! I don't wear much lipstick anyway I like light red, because my lip is already red so it would look wear if your lips is too much red... Read More »

What do you think of this lipstick color PICTURE?

I Don't think its to bright at all! I love red lipstick, and that color is actually really pretty do you know what its called so i can get get it lol!! :)