What Latin word does fossil come from?

Answer Fossils are the remains or traces of creatures and plants that lived in the distant past. In fossilization, much of the organic matter is replaced by minerals, though organic material has been isol... Read More »

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What does the latin word sic mean?

The Latin word sic means "thus", "so", or "in such a manne." The word is used when an incorrect item is written as it appeared in its original form, either as a printed or spoken citation. Sic is u... Read More »

What does the latin word citius mean?

The Latin word citius means "faster." The word is used in the phrase "Citius, Altius, Fortius," which is inscribed on stones at the main entrance of the ancient Greek Olympic stadium. The phrase me... Read More »

What is the latin word for sister?

Soror. That's why they're called "sororities," by the way.

What does the Latin word stat mean?