What Kinds of Vessels Are Normal on a CT Chest?

Answer A CT scan of the blood vessels of the chest, medically known as a computerized tomography angiogram, can detect normal and abnormal arteries and veins. A CT scan combines sophisticated computer tec... Read More »

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What causes broken blood vessels on the chest?

Alchohol....cant pell it but know it does burst cappilleries. You can have them lazered .....on feet ect dont know about chest.

Chest pain normal?

The importance has everything to do with your age.

Is it normal to have a little chest pain every once in a while?

It is very normal. Mild chest pain can be caused by gas, indigestion, anxiety or any number of non-serious conditions.

Is pain in the chest normal when pregnant?

AnswerHi,Yes it could indeed be heartburn,indegestion or trapped wind (burp) if in doubt though always seek medical advise.Above is the former person's answer, however, I was just in the hospital w... Read More »