What Kinds of Plants Live in Maryland?

Answer Although a tiny state, Maryland contains a range of habitats that encourage diverse plant life. Beginning in the east, salt marshes found along the Chesapeake Bay give rise to forests fed by the Ba... Read More »

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What Kinds of Plants Live in the Grasslands?

Grassland are huge expanses of land with multitudes of grasses, herbs and flowers. The nature of plants in a certain grassland is determined by the local growing conditions and latitude of the gras... Read More »

What are different kinds of cactus plants?

There are many different kinds of cactus plants.For example, one stereotypical image of a cactus is of a plant that grows at ground level. In fact, some cactus plants grow high up in trees. Such ca... Read More »

What kinds of plants grow in a marsh?

Baldcypress (tree)Pickerel weedSpanish MossWater lilyMilkweed (pink flowers)Cattail

What are the two kinds of roots plants have?

There are two types of roots which is tap root system and fibrous root system. But, we also have the adventitious root for added information. -bLuiekRiss(