What Kinds of Black Snakes Live in Texas?

Answer The variable physical face of Texas --- from bayous, piney woods and salt marshes to high blowing prairie, arid basins and rugged mountains --- supports an impressive diversity of snakes. Few are e... Read More »

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Do black panthers live in southeast Texas?

Even though people may think that they have seen a black panther in southeast Texas, it is a myth. The black panther does exist, but only in Asia, Africa and Indonesia. Residents of east Texas ofte... Read More »

Kinds of Pink or Red Snakes?

Spotting the bright red flash of a snake's scales as it slithers past is enough to give anyone a fright. Snakes often have bright red or pink colors as a warning to potential predators, including h... Read More »

Kinds of Snakes & Reptiles?

Though they seem to make some people uncomfortable, reptiles are fascinating to study. They are a large class of air-breathing animals that include snakes and lizards, turtles and tortoises, crocod... Read More »

Egg-Eating Snakes in Texas?

Texas is home to several Colubrid snake species that include reptile and bird eggs in their diet. These snakes are non-venomous and some of Texas' egg-eating snakes are also egglayers. When eating ... Read More »