What Kinds of Aircraft Were Used to Transport & Spray Agent Orange?

Answer Agent Orange, one of several herbicides the United States Air Force used during The Vietnam War, destroyed jungle paths and vital crops of enemy combatants. First dropped on South Vietnam, the dead... Read More »

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What are the percentages of different kinds of ships such as Aircraft Carriers Battleships Cruisers Destroyers etc. in the US navy?

In general (beginning of WW2): 12 or less aircraft carriers; 30 or so battleships; nearly 50 cruisers, 300 destroyers; 100 submarines. Except for the battleship, which is obsolete, those approximat... Read More »

Different Kinds of Orange Hibiscus?

Hibiscus, both hardy and tropical species, generally bloom in shades of red, pink or white, although there are a few purple- and blue-blooming varieties. There two species of hibiscus, however, tha... Read More »

Descriptions of the Different Kinds of Orange Trees?

Oranges are versatile fruit. People eat them for snacks, drink them as juice and use them in all sorts of culinary creations, from marinades for meat to flavorings for desserts. Many types of orang... Read More »

Different Kinds of Orange Hibiscus Tropicals?

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering shrubs that grow in tropical or subtropical regions. They are known for their large showy flower, but have other uses as well. Hibiscus is a common ingredient in te... Read More »