What Kind of Wireless Router Do I Need for Desktop Computers?

Answer If you would like to connect your computer(s) to the Internet wirelessly, you'll need to set up a wireless router. Wireless routers do not have to be expensive and, in most cases, you will not noti... Read More »

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What kind of wireless router do I need And do I need a new modem?

Your old modem should support any new routers that you buy, if there any frequent disconnection then probably you can buy one

What kind of wireless router do i need for virgin broadband/>?

Not the ADSL, you need a Cable Broadband wireless router. go to or pop down to your local argos store, and pick a router which is suitable for cable broadband such as virgin media, ... Read More »

Do you need a desktop computer to hook up a wireless router?

While some wireless router manufacturers require you to hook a computer up directly to the wireless router to create the initial connection, said computer can either be a laptop or a desktop. After... Read More »

Will a wireless router sync to direct TV when it is connected to a desktop computer that doesn't have a wireless card?

4kids is on channel 46 a.k.a. WXCW beginning at 7am. I couldn't find the answer anywhere so I had to look for it myself.