What Kind of Spiders Make Huge Webs?

Answer Spider webs can be the object of fear or annoyance, but they serve an important function for the survival of many spider species. From the unique composition of spider silk to the fact the most gia... Read More »

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Spiders in my bushes making funnel webs?

Funnel web spiders can bite, but they don't usually bother anyone. They eat pests on your bushes and plants. They're good for the garden and the environment. Tell your kids to keep their fingers ou... Read More »

Huge spiders in my house?

Find where they made there web(s) and spray them with windex, febreeze or 409 or whatever cleaners u have.

Has Anyone Noticed A Huge Number Of Spiders This Year?

I build Water Treatment Plants..,Let me tell you.., When all that comes into a plant is SH*T.., it attracts flies.., right.., well .., I may not be the most observant person in the world.., but ho... Read More »

What kind of lubricant should we use My boyfriend has this huge rod and he keeps trying to shove it in my?

The cylinder shaft needs to be re-bored and the cylinder rod needs new piston rings. Staining inside the shaft is normal and does not affect engine performance if you regularly use a gunk cleaner ... Read More »