What Kind of Soil Do Raspberries Like?

Answer Raspberry varieties grow in colors of yellow, purple, black and red. These different varieties ripen at various times of the year. Summer-ripening berries will ripen at any time of the summer; ever... Read More »

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How to Grow Raspberries & Blueberries Together in Clay Soil?

Blueberries are small blue berries, as the name implies, that grow on shrubs that can reach up to 10 feet tall. These shrubs grow well in zones 4 to 8, as they need a certain number of chilling hou... Read More »

What kind of soil should be used for snapdragons?

The snapdragon, or Antirrhinum majus, prefers acidic to slightly alkaline soil, and can survive in sand, clay or loam, according to the University of Florida. The flowering plant also requires mois... Read More »

What Kind of Soil Do Evergreens Need?

Generally, when people refer to evergreens, they are referring to conifers, trees with needles instead of leaves. Of course, these aren't the only type of evergreens. Broadleaf evergreens, such as ... Read More »

What kind of soil should be used for the top of a berm?

Berms are used in landscaping for a number of different reasons such as direct drainage, to raise a planting area or even to provide a noise barrier. Berms should be made of premium topsoil. In ord... Read More »