What Kind of Severe Storms Are Common in the Great Plains?

Answer The Great Plains are host to a variety of weather, ranging from icy winters to uncomfortably hot summers. Along with varying temperatures, the Great Plains are known to have severe storms. The time... Read More »

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Science Projects on Severe Storms?

From a thunderstorm in a tabletop container to lightning zipping off a pie plate, kids can easily create small, indoor versions of severe weather. Easy science experiments let them have fun and wow... Read More »

Will a common black snake seek shelter from thunder storms?

Black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta) are not particularly concerned about getting rained on, although they are by no means inclined to dwell in standing or rising water. Thunder shakes the ground an... Read More »

What is the population of the Great Plains?

As of the last U.S. Census in 2000, the Great Plains of the United States had a population of 45.4 million. The majority of population (71 percent) was concentrated in metropolitan counties, accord... Read More »

What state is the great plains in?

The 400-mile wide grassland region known as the Great Plains covers all of North Dakota and South Dakota; it also covers most of Nebraska and Kansas. The Plains region also includes parts of Montan... Read More »