What Kind of Seismic Wave Is a Tsunami?

Answer Tsunamis fall under the category of seismic ocean waves. They are also referred to as tidal waves, but this is not an accurate term, since tsunamis have nothing to do with tides. Seismic ocean wave... Read More »

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What Are Seismic Waves?

Seismic waves are waves of energy that are caused by displacement along fault lines in the Earth (earthquakes) or as a result of an explosion. The energy travels through the Earth and is analyzed ... Read More »

How to Do A Seismic Shock Flip?

This article teaches you to seismic shock flip, which you do a kickflip backflip impossible then a 360 sal flip kind of thing. then land it clean and roll away. It is pretty hard.

List Two Kinds of Seismic Waves?

The geological energy that travels outward during an earthquake moves via seismic waves. The two main types of seismic waves are body waves and surface waves. As their name suggests, surface waves ... Read More »

What is the California seismic building code?

California is known for its natural wonders such as found on its scenic coastline. Another natural wonder connected to this state is earthquakes. Particular to this phenomenon of nature is Southern... Read More »