What Kind of Sediment Is a Piece of Meteorite?

Answer Meteoroids are fragments of rocks and metals that originate in outer space when asteroids collide, or as fragments of nearby space bodies such as the Moon and planets. Some travel through space on ... Read More »

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If the furniture has a shiny top coat you will need to scuff that up first, then pick a really good primer. Kilz is great and on the side of the can tells you what surfaces it adheres to the best. ... Read More »

How to Find a Meteorite?

Meteorites fall on earth every day, although most fall out of reach to people or are microscopic. But within the visible range, it's not impossible to find one.

What is the movement of a meteorite?

Meteorites travel through space into the atmosphere and fall to Earth because of its gravitational pull. A meteorite enters the earth's atmosphere as a fireball due to atmospheric friction as it fa... Read More »