What Kind of Risks Affect a Mortgage Loan?

Answer When a lender issues a loan to a borrower, both parties take on a certain amount of risk. For the lender, the primary risk is that the borrower will default on his payment, causing the lender to lo... Read More »

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What Kind of Risks Do Mortgage Lenders Face?

While borrowers of home loans face a number of risks--the foremost of which is being foreclosed upon due to underpayment--the lender also assumes a number of risks as well. These risks relate not j... Read More »

Does a Forbearance Student Loan Affect Getting a Mortgage?

Student loans are a necessary evil for many college students. The long life of these loans can affect students into middle-age and may play a role in determining eligibility for large purchases lik... Read More »

What Are the Risks of Loan Sharks?

When conventional means of obtaining a loan, such as from a bank, credit union or a personal loan from family or friends, are exhausted without success, some are tempted by the appeal of getting mo... Read More »

Is it better to get a shorter loan mortgage term or prepay on a longer loan?

On One Hand: Short Tem Mortgages Tie Your Hands.A short term mortgage forces you to spend more money on your house payment than you would under a longer term loan. This means that there is less mon... Read More »