What Kind of Problems Does a Worn CV Joint Cause?

Answer A Constant Velocity joint is vital to a car's normal operation and usually creates a few noticeable problems when it becomes worn. Identifying problems as warning signs before your CV joint fails w... Read More »

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Symptoms of a Worn Upper Ball Joint in a Mustang?

Late-model Mustangs have been known to have stiff suspensions, and one of the most common upgrades on a Mustang is the suspension, with extra attention being paid to the ball joints. For the daily ... Read More »

What Kind of Joint Is the Atlanto-Axial Joint?

The atlanto-axial joint occurs between the atlas and the axis bones, which are the first two cervical vertebrae of the spine. It is a compound synovial joint; that is, it moves freely and is compos... Read More »

Car Problems Caused by Worn Out Struts?

Struts are one of the most important parts of a vehicle's suspension. They ensure a smooth ride over bumps and surface imperfections and isolate occupants of the car from the road. Struts also ensu... Read More »

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