What Kind of Problems Does a Worn CV Joint Cause?

Answer A Constant Velocity joint is vital to a car's normal operation and usually creates a few noticeable problems when it becomes worn. Identifying problems as warning signs before your CV joint fails w... Read More »

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What kind of problems can overheating cause to a laptop?

Your fan might have a lot of dust in it. I've burnt out 2 laptops already, they have gone to laptop heaven :(…

What Kind of Mechanical Problems Cause Wear on the Tires?

Poor alignment is the major cause of tire wear, according to Popular Mechanics. Justin Turner, a tire store manager, says bad alignment is caused by driving hazards, such as hitting a curb or runni... Read More »

Snowflakes...what kind of new problems will this cause?

said to child in 2020..."honey... daddy and i couldn't have a baby, so we bought you as an embryo, frozen in a tube. your bio-mom/ dad paid to fertilize you, yet didn't need you, so i bought you...... Read More »

What Kind of Joint Is the Atlanto-Axial Joint?

The atlanto-axial joint occurs between the atlas and the axis bones, which are the first two cervical vertebrae of the spine. It is a compound synovial joint; that is, it moves freely and is compos... Read More »