What Kind of Printers/Paper can be Used for Printing Invoices?

Answer You can print invoices on plain paper using a $50 monochrome laser printer. If you want it on colored paper then buy colored paper. here is an article with some advice on buying printers and links ... Read More »

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What kind of paper is used in printing senior pictures?

Most senior photos are printed on high-quality photo paper. There are two types of photo paper used by professional photographers. The first kind is for use with digital images. This kind of paper ... Read More »

Does anyone know about the Jessica Urben Emails It's about printing invoices and getting paid 1800 per month.?

I just got caught up in this mess and I have reported these scam emails to career builder and multiple other scam sites. This is a check scam dont do it!!! The Jessica girl doesnt exist and they se... Read More »

What is screen printing used for?

Screen printing is a method of printing text and artwork on fabric. This is done by placing a screen that is imprinted with your design on the fabric. Paint is forced through the screen onto the fa... Read More »

What was used before the printing press?

Before Johannes Gutenberg invented the modern printing press, books and pictures were printed using xylography. Blocks of wood, or clay, were carved and then covered in ink before being pressed on ... Read More »