What Kind of Pollinator Does a Yucca Plant Have?

Answer The yucca plant is an evergreen plant most commonly known for growing in dry, desertlike areas, although some of the approximately 40 species of yucca can grow in other climates. The flower of the ... Read More »

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What Are the Yucca Moth & the Yucca Plant?

The yucca moth and the yucca plant rely on each other for survival. They have a mutually beneficial relationship similar to many other insects and plants, like bees with various flowers. In the cas... Read More »

How to Plant a Bare Root Yucca Plant?

A member of the lily family, the yucca plant produces sword-shaped foliage that rises from the soil line. The yucca plant favors sunny well-drained soil within USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9; whe... Read More »

Can I Cut the Top Off My Yucca Plant?

Yuccas (Yucca spp.) are native to the arid landscapes of North and Central America and nearby West Indies. Their long, pointy leaves and upright flower spikes make attractive additions to gardens w... Read More »

How do I propagate a Yucca Plant?

Yuccas are very easy to propagate. They grow readily from seed and from cuttings.Seed can be sowed in the normal way.If your Yucca is one of the trunk-forming species, and it has a number of trunks... Read More »