What Kind of Oil Do You Use in a Mower?

Answer Whether you have a riding mower or a walk-behind gas-powered mower, you will need to use engine oil in it. The engine oil keeps your mower lubricated properly so that it operates correctly and last... Read More »

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What kind of oil is used in a push mower?

According to One Project Closer, the type of oil required for a push mower is typically listed in the owner's manual. When an owner's manual is not available, many of the 4-cycle push mowers are co... Read More »

What Kind of Oil Do I Put in My Ariens Lawn Mower?

Ariens manufactures lawn mowers using engines produced for them by several different manufacturers. It is the engine manufacturer that recommends the oil used and the service interval, rather than ... Read More »

What kind of container do I drain lawn mower oil into?

Drain lawn mower oil into a reusable, clean, plastic container. Never contaminate the oil by mixing other materials like gasoline or chemicals with it; you cannot recycle contaminated oil. Seal the... Read More »

Mower choke swings from-open to close-on its own while holding the safety handle-bar "ON" as mower is running?

I guess you tried all the other stuff? Did the little spring come off ,get stretched out, or has something stuck in it? That will make it run the way you describe.Yeah, I know what you mean. Like... Read More »