What Kind of Oil Do Motorcycles Use?

Answer The type of oil used in a motorcycle depends on the specific make and model. It is best to refer to your manual and use the factory's recommendation. It will either be fossil oil or synthetic and 1... Read More »

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What kind of motorcycles do most women like what would they buy?

I like fast bikes. not harleys...that is like an older man's motorcycle if you ask me. If I could buy one, it would be a Ducati...very fast, and sexy...just be sure if you get one to get one w/ a ... Read More »

What kind of gas mileage do motorcycles get?

Most motorcycles get between 35 and 70 miles per gallon of gasoline. Some models can get more than 100 miles per gallon.Source:Planet GreenPersonal Finance ResourcesMotorcycle Gas Mileage

What kind of motorcycles to you have an how many miles did you put on them in the last year?

120 cubic inch panhead chopper, open primary suicide shift, kikstart only, no front fender no front brake, 250 rear tire, sidemount licence and brake light. And its in a ridgid frame. its my ONLY t... Read More »

What kind of aluminum are Honda motorcycles made of?

Honda motorcycles are made of billet aluminum. Billet aluminum is high-quality aluminum and usually expensive. Billet is an alloy made from aluminum and other metals. In motorcycles, 6061-T6-type a... Read More »