What Kind of Needle Do You Use to Tie a Quilt?

Answer Traditional quilt making entails stitching three layers together in a decorative stitch pattern. The bottom and top layers are fabric, and the center layer is batting. Tying the quilt is an effecti... Read More »

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What kind of tattoo needle is used for filling in black?

Magnum needles are used for filling black ink tattoos. Magnum needles consist of two layers of needles that are either stacked or overlapped together. Stacked magnum needles are typically closer to... Read More »

What kind of metal is a sewing needle made of?

Today, sewing needles are made two at a time out of coils of steel wire. The first needles were hand-crafted from animal bones by Europeans and Asians over 17,000 years ago.References:Patches from ... Read More »

Ironing, Washing up or Putting a king size quilt cover on a quilt?

All of the above + vaccuuming, dusting, cooking, cleaning.....That's why I'm on Yahoo Answers and not doing my housework!!

Does boiling a tattoo needle in water&alcohol sterilize the needle?

Boiling water is insufficient for sterilizing tattoo needles, and alcohol is just a disinfectant. Only an autoclave can properly sterilize tattoo equipment. Go to a licensed artist trained in cro... Read More »