What Kind of Lighting Should Be Used for Indoor Growing?

Answer Growing plants indoors can be a challenge, primarily because of the limited light. The chlorophyll in plants interacts with sunlight, and does not fare as well under other light sources such as inc... Read More »

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Which finish should be used for recessed lighting in a bar?

On One Hand: Make Lights, Soffits and Ceilings DisappearAesthetics are important for bars. They are meant for people to look good and forget about day-to-day needs. Lighting is meant to illuminate ... Read More »

What kind of oil should be used in a BMW 330i?

When changing or adding oil to a BMW, you should use a BMW high-performance synthetic oil. If you cannot use the BMW high-performance synthetic oil and you need to top off the oil in the car, you c... Read More »

What is the fastest indoor growing plant?

The fastest indoor plant award would have to go to the bamboo. They can easily grow to 100 feet or more, if allowed, and some species grow 3 or 4 feet a day. Honorable mentions should include potho... Read More »

What kind of soil should be used for snapdragons?

The snapdragon, or Antirrhinum majus, prefers acidic to slightly alkaline soil, and can survive in sand, clay or loam, according to the University of Florida. The flowering plant also requires mois... Read More »