What Kind of Jobs Can I Do With a Social Work Degree?

Answer A person with a degree in social work can do other jobs besides becoming a social worker. Much of what type of job you are qualified for depends on your social work degree level. People with master... Read More »

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What Jobs Require a Master's Degree in Social Work?

A master's degree in social work gives graduate students an in-depth look at advanced social work concepts and provides them with the opportunity to receive hands-on training within the field. Many... Read More »

What kind of jobs can you get in social work?

Social workers help people cope with problems in their lives, including personal problems, family problems, medical problems and financial problems. They work with people with a variety of needs, i... Read More »

What Kind of Degree Is Needed for Social Work?

Those who enter the field of social work have a strong desire to help other people deal with life issues. Social work is often focused on social change and justice for those that may not be able to... Read More »

What kind of jobs do social phobics have?

People diagnosed with social phobias are afraid to partake in any activity that exposes them to the scrutiny of others, according to the authors of "Anxiety Disorders and Phobias." However, you don... Read More »