What Kind of Guitars Do Rock Stars Play?

Answer Rock guitar fans, especially the ones who play electric guitar, love to know which model, or models, of guitar a particular guitar hero favors. There is a limited number of makers that produce inst... Read More »

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Where Are Daisy Rock Guitars Made?

Daisy Rock guitars are specifically designed and marketed for girls. They are made in China and Indonesia and sent to the Daisy Rock factory in upstate New York to be set up.Source:Modern Guitars: ... Read More »

How to Use 2 Guitars on Wii Rock Band at the Same Time?

"Rock Band" allows up to four people to form a virtual band using two guitars (one for bass), drums and a microphone. The process for setting up "Rock Band" on the Wii is a little different from th... Read More »

Is rock band 2 compatible with guitar hero guitars?

"Rock Band 2" is compatible with most "Guitar Hero" guitars. The only "Guitar Hero" guitars it is not compatible with are the PlayStation 3 and Wii Les Paul, the PlayStation 2 and Wii World Tour gu... Read More »

What kind of guitars do country singers use?

Depending on the style of country music, different types of guitars are used. However, the most commonly used guitar in country music is the Fender Telecaster, according to the Best Guitar website.... Read More »