What Kind of Education Is Needed to Teach Kindergarten?

Answer A kindergarten teacher is a professional who fosters children's social and intellectual development during their first year in elementary school. These individuals teach topics such as letter recog... Read More »

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What kind of degree needed to teach preschool/kindergarten?

Bachelors of Science degree in Education with an emphasis on early childhood education. In some cases, a kindergarten teacher may possess a BS with emphasis in elementary education. In addition, a... Read More »

What training is needed to teach special education?

Answer Teachers who study Special Education learn about curriculum modifications and adaptations; behavior management techniques and strategies; legal issues; testing procedures; IEP paperwork; al... Read More »

What kind of education is needed to become a general contractor?

General contractors are professionals who are employed in the construction field to manage building contracts. Their job may include hiring subcontractors and laborers. They will be in charge of th... Read More »

What kind of education and/or training is needed to become a pediatrician?

The process of becoming a pediatrician involves many years of in-class and on-the-job education and training. As with any medical profession, this preparation should be followed by continuing educa... Read More »