What Kind of Data Is Stored in DAT Files?

Answer A DAT file is simply a data file. It is a highly generic format, the contents and format of which depend on the program used to create the file. DAT is a file extension, and there is no particular ... Read More »

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Where are outlook express data files stored?

Most important data files for Microsoft Outlook Express are stored, by default, in one of the following two file paths: "C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express\{GUID}" or "C:\Documents and Set... Read More »

What Data Is Stored Inside the Magnetic Band on Credit Cards?

Credit cards began using magnetic strips in the 1970s. Permanently recorded by the bank, the strips carry account information that can be easily accessed. Though the data has a standard format call... Read More »

In what .rar files are MSN passwords stored on my PC?

Passwords are not stored in a .rar file by MSN on your computer. You may have your browser configured to store your user ID and passwords, but that is in a cookie that can be read by the website yo... Read More »

How is data stored on a CD-ROM?

"Here's how the CD-ROM works, in a nutshell (I'm not going to go into the gory details of how the laser beams are manipulated within the drive because that can get complicated--there are in fact se... Read More »