What Kind of Cord Do You Need to Connect Your Desktop Computer to Your RCA HDTV?

Answer Computers are connected to TVs for different reasons. Different types of cables can determine what type of picture quality your television will have after hooking it up. People that hook a PC to a ... Read More »

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What kind of cable cord should you use with your HDTV?

According to the technology website CNET, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) delivers the best image quality of any of the cable types available for HDTV. "It can handle high-definition vi... Read More »

How To Connect Toshiba Satellite A505D-S6958 To RCA HDTV with VGA & HDMI Cord?

Did you change the "Input source" on the TV (usually accessible on the TV remote) to the "HDMI" setting (you my have more than one HDMI input, so make sure you've selected the right one, i.e. HDMI... Read More »

How to Connect a Desktop to the Internet With a USB Cord Onto a Laptop?

Computer users are always looking for new ways to enable sharing over (and of) the Internet. Up until recently however, Internet connections were not able to be shared directly over a USB connectio... Read More »

How do you connect your blue ray DVD player and HDTV to your desktop?

You'll need a receiver with at least 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output, as well as an HD-capable cable box. Connect the XBOX and the cable box to the receiver with the HDMI cables, and then plug the HDMI ... Read More »