What Kind of College Could I Get Into With My GPA?

Answer Applying to college can be nerve-wracking, but a well-prepared applicant will not waste her time or money applying to a college she does not have a chance of getting in to. While your high school g... Read More »

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What kind of fps could I get with this computer?

Uhm, on low settings maybe 20-30fps on skyrim if you're lucky. Arma 2 is so unoptimized its hard to tell. It's heavy on the gpu though. Arma 2 low settings about 30 in open spaces and 20 in towns/c... Read More »

What kind of job could you get with out a high school diploma?

You could be a Fast food person. You could be a lemonade stand person. You could work for like a RV seller! Hell I dont know anything!!

What Kind of Jobs Could I Get With a Master's of Reading Degree?

A candidate for a master's degree in reading must hold a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Some programs require students who already hold teacher certification credentials... Read More »

What kind of physical activity could i do with nursery children aged 3-5 years?

I used to teach pre-school, and my children loved doing simple obstacle courses.. we would cut out feet prints from constructin paper and tape them to the floor so they knew what direction to go an... Read More »