What Kind of Circuit Does Electricity Travel Through to Make Light?

Answer Each U.S. home has an average of 45 light bulbs, writes Emily Masamitsu in a May 2007 article for "Popular Mechanics," but most people give little thought to how electricity actually works. While c... Read More »

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How does light travel through a camera?

Answer Picture this... you're home for thanksgiving, its you and grandma for one big photo oportunity, big smile. A flash lets out from the camera. The light from the camera is reflected off your f... Read More »

Does light travel faster through water or glass?

Light travels faster in water than in glass. In water, light travels at a speed of 225,000 kilometers per second. In glass, light travels at a speed of 200,000 kilometers per second.Source:Florida ... Read More »

How fast does light travel through fiber optic cables?

Light travels at approximately 1,079,252,849 kilometers per hour in a vacuum. However, when traveling through a medium like glass or a fiber optic cable, the speed is lowered. Depending on the comp... Read More »

What is wrong if you shut off the electricity at the circuit box and had to shut off a few to find the right circuit to change a fixture and now your pool lights and kitchen ceiling fan do not work?

Sometimes when you shut down a circuit breaker it doesn't go all the way back to the on position. Try shutting them off again, making sure they go fully to the off position then flip them on making... Read More »