What Kind of Animals Are in the Mollusk Family?

Answer The mollusk family is one of the most diverse groups of animals in the world. The University of California Museum of Paleontology says scientists estimate that 50,000 to 200,000 species belong to t... Read More »

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What kind of animals eat seaweed?

Many species of aquatic animals, from mammals to reptiles to fish, rely on seaweed for sustenance. Examples include green sea turtles, manatees and sea urchins. Humans eat seaweed too, as it's used... Read More »

What Animals Are in the Same Family As a Giraffe?

Giraffes belong to the family Giraffidae. Only one other species shares this family title: okapis. While giraffes are a well-known animal, often seen at zoos and depicted in children's cartoons, ok... Read More »

What Animals Belong to the Bear Family?

In the biological classification of species, identification ranges from broad (kingdom), through progressively more focused classifications (phylum, class, order, family and genus), to narrow (indi... Read More »

What kind of animals are primary consumers?

A primary consumer is an animal that feeds solely on primary producers (i.e., plants). Primary consumers are largely herbivores; animals in this category include goats, cows, deer, koalas, squirrel... Read More »