What Kind Of Weird Tree Is This?

Answer It's a loquat. When ripe they are very good to eat. You can cook them is light syrup. They are delicious. Some people call them japanese plums, which is the generic name for them.

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Is it kind of weird?

OK, maybe I am dating myself here, but I remember when "warming up" a bed or a couch for someone else by lying there for a while before they do was considered thoughtful.

My head's acting kind of

I have these on occasion also. Usually occurs over one of my eyes or near the temple. Makes me wince and usually subsides shortly after. I never worried about them since they never last.Check s... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is (pink tree)?

floss silk tree?…

Does anyones legs go kind of weird after they clean or excersize really hard?

Yes!! When i work hard my legs get numb/shake. It just means youre working REALLY hard so good job (: