What Kills Zinnia Mold?

Answer Zinnias are a mostly care-free annual, but when conditions are favorable, they can contract both gray mold caused by Botrytis cinerea and powdery mildew caused by fungus. Controls do exist to kill ... Read More »

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Which type of bleach kills mold?

To kill mold a chlorine bleach must be used either as a solution mixed with water or alone. Never mix chlorine bleach with other chemicals as that can create a hazardous gas.References:North Dakota... Read More »

What type of mold is bread mold?

The most common mold that grows on bread is actually called the bread mold fungus, or Rhizopus stolonifer, and is one of the most common fungi in the world. Most molds that grow on bread are member... Read More »

How do i dry zinnia seeds?

DryingChoose colorful zinnias on healthy plants, and let nature dry your zinnia seeds. Leave the zinnia flowers intact on the maturing stalks. As flower petals shrivel, the adjacent seed clusters d... Read More »

How to Sow Zinnia Seeds?

Zinnias (asteraceae) are an annual flower with 20 species. They come in a variety of colors and heights. While you can purchase zinnia plants from your local nursery, they are easy to sow from seed... Read More »