What Keeps the Earth Spinning on Its Axis?

Answer The earth spins on an axis, an imaginary line that goes through the north and south poles and is the center of the earth's gravity. The earth's spin, unlike a top or rolling ball, does not spin per... Read More »

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Which planet spins fastest on its axis among Mercury, Venus, Earth&Mars?

Taking 23.93 hours, or approximately one day, to complete a rotation, Earth spins the fastest on its axis. Mars has a rotation period of 1.026 Earth days, followed by Mercury with a rotation period... Read More »

My son's EKG came back abnormal , Unusual P axis, possible ectopic atrial rhythm, right axis deviation?

right axis deviation will suggest that the current is stronger on the right side of the heart. this could be caused by right ventricular hypertrophy or right bundle branch block.ectopic atrial rhyt... Read More »

How to Make a Balanced Spinning Pencil (Pen Spinning)?

Having recently started pen spinning, you may find that unmodified pen is to off balance and the recommended custom pens are too complex and expensive. Here is an article to fix that dilemma...the ... Read More »

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