What Jobs Were Popular in the Elizabethan Times?

Answer The career opportunities available to a person in Elizabethan times often depended on the class the person was born into. Lower-class citizens often did labor-intensive, dirty and/or low paying job... Read More »

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About Marriage in Elizabethan Times?

Marriage in Elizabethan times appeared to be similar to marriages of today, in that some of the traditions have remained constant; however, a closer look reveals many key differences. For example, ... Read More »

What were women taught from birth in the Elizabethan era?

women were taught from both in the Elizabethan era that men were the stronger sex they owned you whether it be your father or husband when you are later married in life. they were expected to marry... Read More »

Was there a religious prohibition against a widow marrying her brother-in-law in Elizabethan times Eg Hamlet calls his widowed mother's and Uncle's marriage incestuous?

Your granddaughter and your first cousin's grandson are third cousins to each other. You find their common ancestor that is, your grand parents, and count the number of generations separating them... Read More »

What jobs are popular for a US Marine?

Many wish to combine the Marine Corps experience with an education that will meet their long term career objectives. Computer and electronics specialties, avionics and MP's are leading choices and ... Read More »