What Items Are Used in a Healthcare Science Class Portfolio?

Answer Healthcare science classes are not the ordinary run-of-the-mill science classes. Thankfully the portfolio format for an unusual class like this is similar to any class portfolio. Four main parts ar... Read More »

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What Is a Pipet Used for in a Science Class Room?

A pipet is a tool in a science laboratory similar to an eyedropper, used to transfer small amounts of liquid. They are usually made of plastic, and are disposable. It is pronounced "pie-pet," (pahy... Read More »

What is a piper used for in a science class room?

A pipette is used in science classrooms to transfer liquid from one container to another. The word is sometimes written as "pipet," so "piper" is most likely the result of a typing error.References... Read More »

What Items Are in a Science Abstract for a Science Project?

Abstracts serve a critical purpose in science papers: they allow browsers to quickly understand the nature of a project. In addition to aiding expedient research, a well-written abstract increases ... Read More »

How to Create an English Class Portfolio?

Because an English class portfolio can often mean the difference between passing and failing a course, it's understandable that many students begin to panic when they get the dreaded portfolio assi... Read More »