The Disadvantages of the Zone of Proximal Development?

Answer Lev Vygotsky, a psychologist, came up with the concept of the zone of proximal development. According to Vygotsky, a child is capable of picking up skills through interaction with people more skil... Read More »

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What Is the Zone of Scaffolding Development?

Scaffold learning is an educational theory allowing students to learn through completing tasks directed by a teacher. Scaffold learning is often used in teaching literacy skills.

Proximal renal acidosis?

Does afalc cover benign proximal postural verigo?

Short-term disability insurance usually provides coverage if a person must be out of work temporarily due to vertigo. Individual policies vary, though.The American with Disabilities Act says that e... Read More »

Ok if your posterior descending arterial branch of the right coronary artery diffuse proximal 60 to 80%?

A blockage in that artery can be a little worrisome, though I suppose it's not as bad as having blockages in some other coronary arteries. The PDA feeds blood to the AV node which is an important p... Read More »