What Is the Use of Pennington Forceps?

Answer Maybe your friends are telling you that you should get your tongue pierced or maybe you've been thinking about it yourself for a while, but you're not sure how the whole procedure is done. One of t... Read More »

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How often are forceps used during labor?

According to the "American Journal of Epidemiology," about six percent of all vaginal deliveries result in forceps use. A forceps delivery is safe when done by a professional, otherwise maternal or... Read More »

Who invented forceps?

Peter Chamberlen, a French surgeon, invented obstetric forceps in the 17th century. Forceps is an instrument used in difficult vaginal deliveries. Forceps look like two enlarged spoons, which are s... Read More »

Why does a single forceps end with the letter s?

Answer Maybe it's like "scissors", indicating one pair of scissors.

How to Use Hartmann Alligator Forceps?

Hartmann alligator forceps are one of many surgical items specifically designed for single or multiple use in a number of surgical procedures. The employment of these forceps must undergo thorough... Read More »