What Is the Tread Depth on a Brand New Tire?

Answer Whether you are looking at old or new tires, tread depth is important to consider because it affects a tire's performance and ultimately a car's safety on the road.

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What is the proper tire tread depth?

Auto owners should immediately replace tires when the car tire treads reach 1/16-inch, Consumer Reports recommends. At 1/8-inch, owners need to keep a close eye on the tires and consider replacemen... Read More »

What is the tire tread depth requirement for leased cars?

The tire tread requirement is 3/32 inches or less for cars leased through Toyota Financial Services. For vehicles financed by Ford Credit, excessive wear is when tread depth is less than 1/8 inch a... Read More »

What is the minimum stair-tread depth?

The standard minimum stair-tread depth is 10 inches, according to the International Code Council. The international code for tread depth also requires that no two stairs in the same set be more tha... Read More »

How much tread is on a new tire?

The Tire and Rim Association indicates that newly manufactured tires hold a tread depth of 11/32 to 10/32 inches. As they are driven, tires may wear to a safe, legal minimum of 2/32 inches. At this... Read More »