What Is the Tire Life of Tires That Are on Very Low Mileage Cars?

Answer Even when cars are rarely driven, their tires get worn down due to UV rays, ozone, humidity and time. Experts disagree on how long it is safe to keep tires on a vehicle with low mileage--six to ten... Read More »

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Does nitrogen improve tire life&gas mileage?

On One Hand: Nitrogen Tires Stay Inflated LongerNitrogen has been used to fill race car and airplane tires for years. Nitrogen keeps tires inflated longer. Properly inflated tires show improvement ... Read More »

Do thinner tires get better mileage?

Yes. According to Popular Mechanics in "How to Build a 100 Mile-Per-Gallon Car ... Right Now," tires for maximum fuel economy should be skinny, hard for minimum deformation and have shallow tread.R... Read More »

How Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

Average gas prices have risen almost continuously over the past decade. This trend is expected to continue in the future. Many drivers are doing all they can to raise their fuel economy and lower t... Read More »

About Automotive Tire Mileage?

One of the most overlooked but important aspects of car maintenance is keeping your tires in good shape. Knowing about automobile tire mileage will not only help you maintain your car but will sav... Read More »