What Is the Root System of a Dogwood Tree?

Answer Flowering dogwood trees--popular colorful symbols of the eastern United States--produce shallow root systems that make them susceptible to drought, disease and damage. The far-reaching root network... Read More »

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Root System of Crimson King Maple Tree?

Prized for its deep purplish red fall foliage, the Crimson King is a variety of Norway maple native to Europe but popular throughout the northern three-quarters of the United States. The tree is to... Read More »

How do I root dogwood trees?

Take CuttingCut a 6-inch section of dogwood stem during the months of April through July from the current year's growth. Place the dogwood stems in a damp paper towel to prevent them from drying ou... Read More »

What dogwood tree has red berries?

Dogwood refers to a family of deciduous trees. There are dozens of species of these trees, which can be found around the world. The red cloud dogwood, which is formally known as Cornus Florida, is ... Read More »

What is the dogwood tree used for?

The flowering dogwood tree is considered an ornamental tree and is commonly used in both residential and commercial landscapes. This woody ornamental makes a great understory in forests and produce... Read More »