What Is the Purpose of the Gravel Under a Paver Sidewalk?

Answer Gravel is a generic term for small rocks. There are two basic types, washed and crushed. Washed is produced by water action, typically in rivers and streams. Crushed is made by digging big blocks o... Read More »

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Difference in Crushed Gravel & Pea Gravel?

Gravel is a versatile, inexpensive material used for a variety of landscaping purposes. Crushed gravel and pea gravel are two of the most commonly used kinds. Both are simple to work with but are b... Read More »

DIY Paver Patios?

Installing a paver patio is a big job. Doing it yourself can save hundreds of dollars over having a contractor do the work for you. As long as you lay a good foundation for the pavers using the rig... Read More »

How much does a paver driveway cost?

The cost of a paver driveway will depend on the cost of the pavers and the amount used. Brick pavers and concrete pavers are the cheapest options, costing $5 to $15 a square foot. The most expensiv... Read More »

Can you plow a paver driveway?

You can definitely plow a paver driveway. It is best to use a plow with a rubber edge when plowing the driveway. Also, to prevent damage to the pavers, avoid using sharp objects to chop ice.Referen... Read More »