What Is the Purpose of the Gravel Under a Paver Sidewalk?

Answer Gravel is a generic term for small rocks. There are two basic types, washed and crushed. Washed is produced by water action, typically in rivers and streams. Crushed is made by digging big blocks o... Read More »

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How much gravel should you put under a cement patio?

The gravel acts as a leveling agent, and there should be at least 2 inches under a cement patio. It needs to be tamped down so it will not shift. The quarter-size limestone gravel makes a very good... Read More »

How thick should the gravel base be under an asphalt driveway?

You will need a solid layer of gravel as a foundation beneath an asphalt driveway. Apply 8 to 10 inches of crushed and compacted gravel on top of the soil before paving with asphalt.References:Ask ... Read More »

What is the purpose for padding under laminate flooring?

Padding under laminate flooring has several purposes including noise reduction, comfort and moisture protection. Padding under laminate flooring can also prolong the life of the floor covering.Nois... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of the Water Tray Under a Refrigerator?

The water tray underneath a refrigerator is installed to catch condensation from the refrigerator's interior as the appliance goes through its normal operating cycles. This tray normally requires l... Read More »