What Is the Purpose of an Exhaust Emission System?

Answer Cars, trucks and other vehicles produce exhaust. Exhaust contains multiple air pollutants that have been proven harmful, both to humans and to the environment. Exhaust emission systems are designed... Read More »

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Purpose of Gaskets in the Exhaust System?

The purpose of gaskets in a car's exhaust system is to seal connections between joints in the system, directing exhaust emissions to the tailpipe and thus preventing combustion gas emissions from e... Read More »

Fuel Evaporative Emission Control System Repair Tips?

Evaporative (EVAP) emissions control systems are designed to prevent the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. The early version of the EVAP system was the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PC... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of a Flowmaster Exhaust?

Upgrading your car's stock exhaust system will boost your performance in more ways than one. Aftermarket exhaust systems, such as Flowmaster, will provide a full tone sound and better performance i... Read More »

What is the Purpose of the Exhaust Flex Pipe?

The exhaust system on a car is responsible for guiding the spent engine gasses away from the vehicle. The exhaust system is made of several components, including the exhaust tubing and muffler and ... Read More »