What Is the Purpose of a Solenoid?

Answer Solenoids are used in a variety of systems, but most commonly in cars. Starters in particular use solenoids. Often when a vehicle's starter is malfunctioning the solenoid is the problem.

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What can a solenoid be used for?

Solenoids are metal coils that produce magnetic fields. Solenoids are like electromagnets, but with an air core, and are used for moving small parts with a quick supply of energy.Source:Georgia Sta... Read More »

What Is an IAC Solenoid?

Idle speed refers to an engine's rotational speed when the throttle pedal is not depressed and the engine is uncoupled to the drivetrain. The Idle Air Control solenoid helps regulate idle speed.

DIY Solenoid?

The solenoid on your automobile is responsible for sending an electrical current to the starter. The automobile starter then engages the flywheel and starts the car. If the solenoid is bad, it will... Read More »